Our MAG Programs

The MAG Program at Aerials Gymnastics has a reputation for high expectations and competitive success across Alberta. We look to offer a training program for all athletes who love the sport of gymnastics and want to spend more time in the gym. From a young age, our athletes are taught basic body positions, spatial awareness, and self-discipline. We offer flexible training programs throughout the week and look to offer a balanced gym, school, and family life for the athletes.

Our program is broken into two categories, the Aerials Developmental Program and the Competitive Team.

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Join us on Sunday June 2nd, 10 AM – Noon
Registration Fee: $10  Ages: 4 and up

Whether you’re new to gymnastics or looking to enhance your skills, our MAG program is open to everyone to tryout! Training ranges from 3-12 hours a week, no previous experience needed!


Aerials Developmental Program

Age range: 4 – 7 years

Hour range: 3-9 hours per week





ADP- Aerials Developmental Program

Our Aerials Developmental Program (ADP) is for those energetic little boys looking to blow off some energy while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. This group trains once or twice a week for 3 hours a night and practices each apparatus while focusing on building strength and flexibility. ADP is for young boys ages 4 – 7 and gymnastics experience isn’t required but recommended. These boys will attend three in-house testing days throughout the year to compete against themselves to improve their scores and progress through the levels. Athletes can expect to work hard, learn to flip, and most importantly have fun while doing it all.

Levels 1 & 2

Men’s Canadian Competitive Program

Age range: 8-11 years

Hour range: 8-12 hours per week







When the athletes turn eight and age out of the ADP program they join our competitive team. They’ll be placed in a group with other athletes who have similar skill levels and are around the same age. These groups train between 2 – 5 nights a week and hours can vary from 8 – 20 hours a week. During training our competitive athletes focus on physical and mental preparation, skill acquisition, and preparation to compete. Athletes will be required to compete around the province 3 – 5 times a year and may qualify for Western or Canadian championships!



Age range: 12+ years

Hour range: 12-20 hours per week





This group is intended for older and more experienced athletes. Athletes will focus more on mental preparation for competitions with specialized training to help each athlete improve. We offer a wide range of training days and times including daytime or evenings. Athletes typically train between 12-20 hours a week. Athletes will be required to compete around the province 3 – 5 times a year and may qualify for Western or Canadian championships!